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Tips For Recovering - When Disaster Strikes
June 1, 2015
It can be tough to know where to start after a disaster strikes. When it comes to selecting a contractor, knowing the difference between a legitimate company and a “Storm Chaser” can mean the difference of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately there is a large industry that preys on disaster victims that will show up immediately following a storm. Here are some tips on what to look out for in order to avoid making an already difficult situation worse:
  • Take your time while searching for a contractor. Understandably, most home owners are anxious to get the work done and move on after a disaster. Rushing can cause you to be taken advantage of by “Storm Chaser” contractors. Be suspicious of any contractor who tries to pressure you into a decision.
  • FEMA does not endorse individual contractors or loan companies. 
  • Do not let a contractor talk you out of contacting your insurance provider.
  • Take notice of the company’s license plates. If their tags are registered out of state, you can bet that the company is only in town for a short while and will not be available to maintain or warrant any of their work.
  • Check to see if the company is properly licensed. Ask to see their current certificates of workers compensation and liability insurance. You do not want to risk being liable if something happens to a contractor on your property.
  • Do your own research. Check the Better Business Bureau and see how long a company has been registered. Many companies will join right before coming into town, be wary of recent members.
  • Use local contractors that are experienced in disaster repair, working with mortgage and insurance companies. This will ensure that they are knowledgeable of the complete process. Also, local contractors will warrant their work and perform maintenance on the home if needed.
  • Legitimate contractors will not ask for a down payment or payment in full upfront. If the contractor can’t afford the supplies, they are not the right company. The most common scheme is to ask for payment up front and then never show to start work.
  • Don’t pick a company simply because “they are the cheapest.” A legitimate company will charge a fair price for the work that they will do, which will be in line with what the insurance company will pay.
Take the time do to some due diligence on the front end and avoid creating an even bigger disaster for yourself. Contact Allied Restoration Specialist for all your disaster recovery needs.

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