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Beware of Contractor Fraud
June 1, 2015
 Beware of Contractor Scams

Disasters can happen to anyone. Be it hurricanes, fires or an over-flowing toilet, anything can happen to disrupt your home or business.

Getting your home or business back up and running is crucial to your peace of mind. However, be aware of fraudulent contractors during an already stressful time.

Most contractors and adjusters are honest but here are some tips in order to avoid falling for a scam.


Contractor Due Diligence

·         Obtain multiple estimates from different contractors. They should include a scope of work and all costs, time-frame and warranties for the work that will be completed.

·         However, don’t accept a bid simply because it is the lowest price. Cheap does not always mean quality.

·         Do not pay for estimates! Some contractors may just take your money and disappear. Most reliable contractors will not charge you for bidding on your home or business.

·         Be wary if the contractor shows up in an un-marked vehicle.

·         Be wary of a contractor who solicits your business door-to-door.

·         Ask to see a contractor’s license and ask for proof of liability insurance. All reputable contractors will have this. 

·         Make sure the contractor has a contract for you to sign. Make sure the contract is professional looking: i.e. it is on letterhead, has the scope of work detailed and signed by both parties.

·         Do not pay in cash!

·         Use local contractors that are experienced in disaster repair, working with mortgage and insurance companies. This will ensure that they are knowledgeable of the complete process. Also, local contractors will warrant their work and perform maintenance on the home if needed.

·         Legitimate contractors will not ask for a down payment or payment in full upfront. If the contractor can’t afford the supplies, they are not the right company. The most common scheme is to ask for payment up front and then never show to start work.

·         Sign the “certificate of completion” once the work has been completed to your satisfaction

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